Africa is changing fast.

Finally shaking off the shackles of colonialism, the continent is now creating its own narrative. This is an international music that is also fast forwarding to the Trad African sounds and utilising electronic beats and the possibilities of R ‘n’ B to create a new soundtrack for a fast rising generation who will be game changers in a 21st century that is going to see profound shifts in not just the geopolitical shape of the world but also its culture.

Music is always  the harbringer of change and this new bold and outward looking Africa is looking and sounding very confident on the world stage. Names like ZieZie and Burna Boy are synthesising their Congolese and Nigerian roots with their UK connections and are already modern streaming global superstars and game changers. Cross crossing the sounds of Africa and modern production to create a new style.

Check the playlist here of the top 20 Afrobeats stars in the UK in the last year.


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