Getting busy in lockdown, former Inspiral Carpets bassist Martyn Walsh has put together a great new project with Sean Johnston; one half of the legendary A Love From Outer Space and ex Inspirals agent who was responsible for the band’s first ever gig abroad in 1989 and Martyn and Noel Gallagher’s first flight on an aeroplane…

It’s a fantastic slice of hypnotic electronic music but with a great Stranglers/New Order bass line and some melancholic mellotron parts that make is Strawberry Fields psychedelic with a modern Manchester dancefloor oomph. It’s really rather wonderful


Listen to the tracks here


This route is not direct. The time of embarkation is summer 1989, our point of departure, Club Barraca, Valencia, the epicentre of La Ruta Del Bakalao. Passengers on this journey are Martyn Walsh, bass player and songwriter of Manchester band Inspiral Carpets and Sean Johnston, the band’s booking agent and aspiring DJ. Our passengers will travel via separate routes, Martyn will sign to Mute Records and become the author of numerous top 40 hits and perform a myriad of worldwide shows. Sean will become a successful underground dance music producer as the Hardway Bros and DJ partner to the late Andrew Weatherall as A Love from Outer Space. Pulled back together by the gravitational waves of Weatherall’s untimely demise earlier this year, this is the music of their journey , ¡La Ruta!


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