LISTEN! Tim Burgess announces new release on his O Genesis label : Tear

The latest signing to Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess’s always fascinating O Genesis label are Tear who deal in that kind of stripped down, jagged guitar tension that made early Babes In Toyland so incendiary.

Not that the band are harking back to any kind of past.

This is very much their own thing and it’s refreshing to hear such powerful and yet tensely perfect music being made. The sound of the record, produced by Burgess himself, is perfect and each instrument sounds full and explosive and the vocals hook around a great melody that is full of frustration and intensity without ever exploding.

The band play Forgotten Fields Festival in August 7/9 and the single is relased on Sept 25th.




check the soundcloud below


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  1. Liked that a lot, ta. O Gen never lets you down.

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