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New single release from upcoming ‘Organs’ EP

Camden-based Tarantina is a musician and creative force quite unlike anything else.
Alongside producing hauntingly beautiful alt-pop music, she is a multi-faceted artist and filmmaker in her own right. Her new single ‘Hunter’ is an impressively accomplished work which showcases her creative abilities to powerful effect.
‘Hunter’ is an slow-building dark-pop ballad depicting ‘that feeling in the pit of your
stomach, a gut instinct you get when you know someone you love is hiding something from
you.’ Tarantina’s voice is both fragile, powerful and filled with yearning as she repeats ‘say
something’ over steadily rising electronic beats. Her heart-wrenching plea for honesty
manages to cross genres and demonstrates an emotional eloquence many established
songwriters would kill for.
Tarantina’s voice requires little production; she possesses a natural sweet tone, that slowly
twists and turns with Kate Bush-esque tonal changes and patches of soulful lowing.
The decision to release her single with stop-motion animation is not a new creative
endeavour for Tarantina. Previously, her releases have employed stop-motion, collage and
video montage to powerful effect.
‘Hunter’s video accompaniment is described as a ‘moving artwork’, and would stand-alone
as an accomplishment in itself. The clip of twitching, self-aware, plasticine organs certainly
doesn’t seem to have been an afterthought or a simple necessity for online visibility.
The video is a simple affair; a stomach opens to reveal a simplistic mouth with teeth – from
it come a heart, lungs, brain and eyes which blink, twist and turn independently. In creating
the clip herself, Tarantina shows her total immersion in her own creative possibilities; not
limiting herself to ‘Tarantina, the musician’, but ‘Tarantina, the artist.’
Through this latest release, Tarantina has explored a creative control and diversity few solo
artists seem to explore. That is not to say she has spread herself thinly, but showcased her
accomplishments and grasped her chance of curating an end product that reflects her
whole, unbound self.
I, for one, am incredibly excited, not just for her upcoming EP, but for the opportunity to
watch Tarantina’s creative development. I’m sure it’ll be a hell of a ride.

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