This coming May (27th to be exact) Needle Boss Records are set to release a compilation celebrating the work of dance music pioneer Mark Moore focusing mostly on his output under the S’Express banner (a band put together with Pascal Gabriel) but also including tracks from his Fragile Souls and Noam Kantatik monikers.

Mark is hugely admired and respected in the world of dance and pop music culture with his rise to prominence starting with his residency at the infamous Mud Club in the 80’s and through to his DJ sets at the Hacienda, Shoom, and The Wag. (he was even in Bowie’s Blue Jean video which shows what a “face” he was on the scene).

Outside of his DJ work Mark has garnered acclaim for his remixes of artists as diverse as Phillip Glass, Erasure, Prince, Randy Crawford and The B52s.

Mark is still to be found spinning tunes for the likes of Psychic TV, Grace Jones, and at his ‘Private Life’ nights at the Victoria in Dalston.

Enjoy Your Trip contains fifteen remixes by artists as diverse as Ray Man, Cult With No Name, Mr Watt, and Tom Furse (The Horrors).

As a taster for the album, we are treated to a remix of Lollypop by Throbbing Gristle/ X-TG’s Chris and Cosey which you can listen to here:

“Mark from S’Express used to come round to my house in the early PiL days. They made very good dance records. I was quite pleased and surprised that they said I influenced them. There is no similarity in sound and approach at all, but that’s where they are getting it right. They didn’t copy.” John Lydon, taken from John Robb’s Punk Rock An Oral History

“Moore was one of the first DJs to play house music in the UK. He was also the band leader of S-Express, an all-round fabuloso and a modern dandy of the highest order. We salute him, verily.” DJ History

‘Enjoy This Trip’ tracklisting:

  1. S’Express                ‘Theme From S’Express’ (Tom Furse Update)
  2. S’Express                ‘Pimps Pushers Prostitutes’ (Horsemeat Disco Remix) feat. Billie Ray Martin
  3. S’Express               ‘Hey Music Lover’ (Punks Jump Up Excursion Album Version)
  4. S’Express               ‘Mantra Mania’ (Monarchy Remix)
  5. S’Express               ‘Superfly Guy’ (Jagz Kooner Tainted Paradise Update)
  6. S’Express               ‘Lollypop’ (Chris & Cosey Remix)
  7. S’Express                ‘Gonna Take You Higher’ (Mr Watt Update)
  8. S’Express                ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’ (Ray Mang Remix)
  9. S’Express                ‘Did You Lose It’ (Mark Moore & Roland Faber Update) feat. Sonique
  10. S’Express                ‘Pimps Opus’ (Kent Odessa Remodel)
  11. S’Express                ‘Special And Golden’ (Kamp! Remix)
  12. S’Express                 ‘Superfly Groove’ (Reuben Wu Ladytron Remix)
  13. S’Express                  ‘COMA’ (Cult With No Name Remodel)
  14. Fragile Souls           ‘Nothing To Lose
  15. Noam Kantatik         ’Twinkle

Full Louder Than War review coming soon


For more information visit Mark’s website  or follow him on Facebook and Twitter where he tweets as @markmoore01

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