The By Gods

The By Gods

Nashville three-piece The By Gods combine the ferocity of post-hardcore with pop’s undeniably penchant for melody on latest single Silver Line. 

Pop and post-punk are two vastly different genres. One harbours a sugary, pseudo-innocence, catering to many and relying on frothy hooks and melodies to stay lodged in ones head. The other’s more despondent, offering up huge slabs of noise and aggression, beating its listeners in to sonic submission. Combine the best of both worlds however, and you get something that might look a little like Nashville’s The By Gods.

Layering a lavish pop sensibility across thunderous percussion and crunching guitar licks, the trio’s latest single Silver Line is three and a half minutes of uncompromising alt-rock that channels the genre’s best, while softening its edges with a definite ear for a melody, despite the distortion. Louder Than War are please to offer an exclusive premiere of the track ahead of the release of the band’s third album, Move On, on October 20th 2017.

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