I last went to East Africa 10 years ago.

At the time there was a sense that something was about to happen musically but the digital technology was not quite there to make it happen. We came back to the UK and tried to get a collection of second hand computers to send to Africa but the usual logistic problems got in the way.

In the mean time the East African music community got on with it anyway and there has been a huge explosion in interesting musics.

Monrhea is a mysterious figure.

A woman from a one horse village in the middle of Kenya who creates these sparse and brilliant electronic soundscapes which has seen this track mixed by Youth from Killing Joke who was in the African nation last year working on some tracks. Kenya has a stunning and diverse music scene and is one of the epicentre of a 21st century music explosion on the continent that is going to be world beating within a year.

More info from East Africa Records 

LISTEN! Monrhea deal stark, sparse, dark electronic music from Uganda


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