Saytr Play

Saytr Play

Manchester-based five-piece Saytr Play shine a light on mental health issues on their frenetic new single Fragile.

Photo: Liv Williams

While Manchester may be a veritable hotbed for rising talent at present, and not just those who worship the bucket hat, the off-kilter stylings of Saytr Play are arguably topping the list. Anyone who’s seen the five-piece live know that their recorded material is only part of the package. And though unfortunately its impossible to bottle lightening, Saytr Play come pretty bloody close.

The band’s latest single, Fragile, muses on the subject of mental health, and the impact it has on those closest to you.

“Fragile’ is a story of inner conflict, mental health and the strain they can put on a relationship.” the band say of the single “However, the main refrain ‘shout it out!’ is intended to be joyous in its instruction to release everything painful inside. Expanding on this, it also touches on the pressures of social media: ‘Argus-eyed always watching me, no proof and it’s haunting’ compares the likes of Instagram to the Greek mythological creature Argus, an unseen voyeur scrutinising our every action.”

You can stream Fragile in full below:




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