Gathering of Strangers

Gathering of Strangers

Manchester-based five-piece Gathering of Strangers drop their blues-fuelled new single Nice Hair.

Having quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their timeless amalgamation of blues, classic rock and indie, tied-off with their own melancholic idiosyncrasy, Manchester’s Gathering of Strangers are a band that have already won over their native city and have now set their sets on the rest of the country.

Their latest single, Nice Hair, feels like the perfect culmination of all that’s come before it. Combining their trademark freneticism with a more more more deeply entrenched blues influence, coming off as the bastard lovechild of The Rolling Stones and Franz Ferdinand, complete with organ breakdown. Perhaps what’s most surprising with the track however, is that it seems the band have forgone their usual melancholy in favour of a ballsier, more in your face approach that makes Nice Hair arguably the bands most accessible release to date.

You can stream Nice hair in full below:


More from Gathering of Strangers can be found on their Facebook and Instagram.

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