London-based post-punks Keroscene build on their previous offerings with latest single Like The First Time.

Following the success of the ethereal single I Can’t Do A Thing while drawing from more of the post-punk elements of Keroscene’s eclectic sound, Like The First Time is a darker and more brooding piece. The track lurks slowly from the initial tribal inspired rhythms and electronic soundscape into blistering guitar ruckus while preserving clear catchy, pop-groove styled percussion.

Like The First Time is about being alone, rather than loneliness, and how people enter and exit this world by ourselves. Being content with that fact is important to our understanding of life and deriving happiness. The song imparts an important message as well as realisation and reassurance to people at their worst from feeling alone.

“With all our modern distractions and the need to be constantly connected, people have grown uncomfortable with being by themselves, alone in silence. We may all belong to our society and feel the need to connect with others but ultimately, you will leave just as you came in; by yourself”

You can stream the track in full below:


More from Keroscene can be found on their Facebook, and they tweet as: @Kerosceneband.

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