Bengal Lancers

Bengal Lancers

London-based four-piece Bengal Lancers take a typically introspective approach to mental health on new single Memory Loss.

Whether there’s been an increase in the amount of people who are suffering with mental health, or whether people are now just starting to talk about and understand it more is a matter up for debate. What isn’t however, is that there still needs to be more of a dialogue around the matter before the very real stigma surrounding it truly disappears.

One band who understand this, is London-based four-piece Bengal Lancers, whose approach to their songwriting has always felt more introspective, and even more heartfelt, than many of their contemporaries.

Where previous single ‘Eclipse’ was interested predominantly in the the confusion and chaos that surrounds the break-down of a relationship, Memory Loss focuses on the importance of mental health, both your own and that of those around you. It’s a personal song to the band, specifically for front-man Harry Sullivan, who went through a tough couple of years with both family members, and ultimately himself, burning out and breaking down as a result.


More from Bengal Lancers can be found on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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