Red Rum Club

Red Rum Club

Liverpool-based six-piece Red Rum Club channel their inner Tarantino on new single Calexico.

Built around brash swells of Spaghetti Western brass, the latest single from Liverpool-based sextet Red Rum Club is the sort of track to instantly take its listeners out of their comfort zone and deposits them somewhere else entirely. From the outset, a solitary trumpet transcends both time and space, leaving listeners caked in sand and itching for a bourbon.

Bridging the gap between colloquial indie rock and cinematic soundscape, it’s easy to imagine Calexico belting out across festival fields; its fresh, frenetic nature serving to make it the sort of anthem Kasabian would wish they’d written, were they bold enough to pick up a trumpet. It’s an impressive effort, one that proves that there’s still plenty of life left in the UK’s indie scene, you just have to go beyond the pages of NME to find it.

You can stream Calexico in full below:

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