Johnny Gates

Johnny Gates

LA’s Johnny Gates drops sprawling and atmospheric new single, Baseball.

Ahead of not a burnt cd that’s set to release early next year, Johnny Gates maintains his inimitable rock and roll finesse on yet another standout release, baseball. Following on from brooklyn nights that released in October, Johnny proves that he is only capable of hits and no misses – pun or not.

“I grew up playing baseball, and I remember hearing pretty quickly from my dad, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. And I think life is a lot like that. So when writing this song, I wanted to reference my favorite sport, and some specific examples from my life, where, even if I didn’t come out with a win, I still have some amazing memories to hang on to.”

Soaring above a sweetly somber instrumental, Johnny’s gritty and passionate voice carries every ounce of the emotion of the tender and heartfelt narrative of the lyrics. You can stream below:


More from Johnny can be found on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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