La Bouquet

La Bouquet

La Bouquet share their long-awaited and highly anticipated debut album ‘Sad People Dancing’

There’s always something to be said about artists that have that undefinable “it factor”, something that just clicks and makes you think that this is what they were put on the earth to do. La Bouquet has just that, recently releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Sad People Dancing.

The LA-based trio takes you on an auditory journey that spans post-punk, emo-pop, old school R&B and perfectly executed pop singer-songwriter. Sitting just shy of 50 minutes long, La Bouquet triumph in the efforts, creating a fluid series of masterfully written tracks that sweep you away into the hearts and minds.

Vocalist Bryan Sammis shares “We hope you enjoy this album from the bottom of our broken hearts. It is everything we’ve wanted to say, everything we’ve wanted to feel, every emotion we’ve been trying to convey. It’s like having a conversation with your therapist trying to transport them to that moment in your life when you really FELT something deep and personal & they say “I understand. I’ve been there too.” – and you look in their eyes and you know they mean it. You know you’re not alone. You know that you’re in this together. Translucent pontification, try-hard annunciation, that fleeting moment of wonder, or sorrow …of sonder. Bonding with another through artificial sounds. From a keyboard to a hard drive to your heart.”


More from La Bouqet can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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