Ed Prosek

Ed Prosek

Indie-folk troubadour Ed Prosek drops heartfelt new single So Beautiful.

Rapidly rising to the top of the indie-folk pile is Ed Prosek; a true story teller, musician and artist. There’s always something to be said about artists that can do a lot with a little and Ed is the perfect example of that. Capitalising on the peaks and troughs of of his deeply emotive cadences, Ed consistently leaves you hanging off every word, every bar.

“I’m a very happy, upbeat person – despite the fact that I’m almost always singing about sad things! So Beautiful was the catalyst for this EP’s concept: this was the first song that brought me back to my roots, helping me re-imagine how I see myself as a songwriter.”

Going through a consistent evolution as an artist, Ed chose to realign his motivations with what felt most natural to him in 2018, honest and heartfelt songwriting, and his music has flourished since. Back in March we heard Wisdom, the first taste of the forthcoming Light As A Feather EP, and Ed consistently shines time and again, with So Beautiful adding to catalogue of truly exquisite songs.


More from Ed Prosek can be found on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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