Ian Brown has posted a new track – a sparse and atmospheric piece ‘Little Seed, Big Tree’ which is his take on the current pandemic.

You can hear the track here

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  1. What an idiot.
    A dangerous idiot, judging by the number of gullible ‘fans’ agreeing with his half-baked ideas in the comments.
    Well, not so much half-baked as fully baked from morning to night.
    And to think some people still think a lifetime of smoking skunk doesn’t damage the brain!

    • I’m not sure why your attacking him, I’ve listened to the tune and lyrics a good few times.. What’s your point.. Ummmm?

    • Its your brain thats damaged pal, your the idiot for believing your goverments patter, the lies that are told to sponges like you…….get a life and wake up…

  2. At least he’s consistent, he’s believed this sort of bullshit since before he was famous, not like some of these Johnny-come-lately idiots.

    • I agree almost sounds like a demo track, unfinished.. Needs full band beats and bass lines. Love the poetry of words tho.
      Love his writing of words..

  3. Always loved Ian Brown but he’s sounding like a clown these days. I’m all for rock stars attacking the government but why not on issues like ‘child poverty, homelessness, food banks or unemployment’….. Typical millionaire

    • Ian does and has in previous works, he’s all about the people he’s one of the good guys a beautiful person who trys to stand up for those that don’t have a voice

    • True enough. Manchester pop concert gets bombed and scores of innocent girls are groomed for rape gangs and these rock stars say and do cock all. No songs slamming Operation Augusta or the Arena bombing, eh? And what about the thousands who have either died or committed suicide after being declared ‘fit for work’ by Duncan Smith, McVey and their vultures? Nobody gave a bugger about that, did they?

      But if it’s the big bad government or that nasty man Trump and it’s all systems go. These ‘stars’ only’protest’ about what it’s ‘OK’ to protest about.

      One Bono. We don’t need another Bono.

  4. Well said Ian Brown. So many folk happy to throw away their liberties and round on folk expressing freedom of speech like rabid dogs. You lot are the real disgrace.

  5. He’s saying what most people thinking. Too many sheep out there doing nothing just sitting in getting brain washed. Wake up people

  6. I agree almost sounds like a demo track, unfinished.. Needs full band beats and bass lines. Love the poetry of words tho.
    Love his writing of words..

  7. Those two experts have just been on the telly moaning about how the virus is getting worse. Thank god the singer of the Stone Roses is on hand to deliver some common sense and cut through all their propaganda. Don’t let them control you by making you stay at home unless you’re going to the pub or work and don’t let them make you wear a tiny piece of cloth on your face because, as we all know, that causes cancer. Also, 5G? What’s next? 6G?

  8. Forget the content this is the worst Browne tune I’ve ever heard. It’s like a kid wrote it. As a fan and forget the message regardless of beliefs it’s complete gibberish it’s like he tried to hot heatedly write it in two mins… Very disappointed its brain dead. Rhymey nonsense if the goal was a protest tune then make it listenable. Give it a bridge chorus no drum machine can lift this…


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