LISTEN! Filed Fangs debut single : ‘a slice of 1987 style post hardcore with a dirty disco post punk groove’


… is released on Feb 28th by German Shepherd Records (bandcamp preorder from 14th Feb)

They say
Calcify – an electro-industrial stomp; bass carries a cool menace, guitars make shards and shapes, synths shudder and soar. A Manchester based duo, subculture survivors celebrating their post-post-punk journey. This is the first of a number of tracks from a staggered album – a collection of songs that will track by track / drip by drip / bite by bite reveal a body of work.

They are Filed Fangs – Paul (Slum Turkeys) and Boz (Flea) collaborating – echoes of sound from Manchester 30 years back brought up to date. Time flowing back and forward, echoes and future memories.

We say
Grinding post-punk with dirty disco backdrop. Memories of long winters in the late eighties listening to Big Black records but with a 21st-century technology. There is a hint of dub and electronica that gives it a modern sheen and its a captivating stomp.


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