We’ve been fans of the label Blackest Ever Black for a good chunk of their five year existence, even though we probably haven’t spent as much time extolling their brilliance as we really should have done. But this imminent new album by F ingers, heralded by the track above, is as good a place for us to make up for that as any. Click play to be bathed in some “deeply drugged, synth-daubed death-folk and DIY electronics”. Meanwhile you can find more out about both artist and album by reading on.

F ingers is the trio of Carla dal Forno, Samuel Karmel and Tarquin Manek and their new album, Hide Before Dinner, will be their first release on Blackest Ever Black, due out in August 2015.

The music they make is dark and elusive. Created by synths and DIY electronics it conjures up all manner of ethereal images spanning the breadth of emotions. The press release talks about his it’s “acutely psychedelic”, “inscrutable but emotional”, “sunken but prone to soaring” and has “flashes of horror too”. It carries on detailing how it “beautifully conjures the mirth and murk of childhood summers … a relatable suburban gothic … grazed knees, hide-and-seek, nettle-stings. Trampled flowerbeds and failing light. Ghouls in your neighbour’s garden” before concluding…” – think Nico meets Dome or Alison Statton wandering The Pickle Factory after dark.”

More information can be found here.


Pre-order vinyl: bit.ly/1HEIk2l

Pre-order vinyl + tape bundle: bit.ly/1CLr8tv

More on Blackest ever Black can be heard on their Soundcloud page.

LP tracklist:

  • A1. Escape Into The Bushes (4:31)
  • A2. Mum’s Caress After Trip (3:43)
  • A3. Tantrum Time (5:22)
  • A4. Blissfull Cubby House (5:12)
  • B1. Useless Treasure (6:59)
  • B2. Under The House Hard To Breathe (4:43)
  • B3. Hide Before Dinner (5:53)

Digital tracklist:

  • 1. Escape Into The Bushes (4:31)
  • 2. Mum’s Caress After Trip (3:43)
  • 3. Tantrum Time (5:22)
  • 4. Blissfull Cubby House (5:12)
  • 5. Useless Treasure (6:59)
  • 6. Under The House Hard To Breathe (4:43)
  • 7. Hide Before Dinner (5:53)
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