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African music is evolving at top speed. In a thrilling rush the continent has taken to the electronic age with a stunning inventiveness that combines it’s rhythmic genius with the binary computer age.

Dominowe is one of the primary artists associated with Durban, South Africa’s gqom scene.  The scene combines a dark and atmospheric backdrop with powerful beats and and African rhythm. The genius of Dominowe is that he combines these perfectly with his music is hypnotic, tense, and driving, slowly building up suspense through minimalist electronic rhythms.

You can feel the Zulu chants, the 3D synth strings and the thumping beats in every track – each one creating a tense and stunning 21st century dance music that would be equally at home soundtracking Bladerunner 3 is they made a new one and set it in the super cities of the future in Africa or on the dance floor of some wild club.

gqom is currently the home to the best electronic music out there and Dominowe is its Aphex Twin/Hendrix/Beefheart barrier breaker…




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