Listen to This! Caerphilly’s Dead At 27 Release Sludgy and Swaggering New Single Envy

Dead at 27

Caerphilly four-piece Dead At 27’s drop blistering new single Envy, taken from their recent album Bring in the Lights.

Few bands these days manage to encapsulate the raw energy and pent up aggression of real rock and roll, while many attempt it, often it results in unintentional parody or just out and out cheese. Fortunately Caerphilly four-piece Dead At 27 aren’t either of those things. Raw, cathartic and uncompromising it has been said that ‘they have earned themselves a reputation at gigs as being loud enough to wake the dead’, and if their new single Envy is anything to go by, that’s easy to believe.

Less than three minutes of raw, balls to the wall rock and roll, complete with that edge of danger so lacking in recent years, it channels elements of punk, 90s metal, classic rock and grunge in to an uncompromising and cacophonous wall of sound that manages to feel both timely and timeless, distilling the true don’t-give-a-fuck spirit of rock and roll and downing it one, this is a track you owe it to yourself to hear.


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  1. Absolutely love this type of music, these guys in turn are awesome . I am a musician myself and was recommended to contact the author of an article of an artist that was similar to the music that I perform if I wished to make a submission to you . I feel this band’s the most similar to what I do . I would greatly appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes listening to my track . Many thanks!

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