A Very British Coup - Trenches A2Out of the blue this dropped into the mailbox… arguably the most key players in post-punk recorded this stunning track in Youth’s studio in London with Wobble’s booming dub bass and Levene’s classic guitar skree sounding like a 21st century metal box and perhaps the best track they have both been involved in since that classic album.





This version is the long version and there is a radio edit and Andy Weatherall remix to come out as a proper single soon and is Wobble’s take on Brexit and evokes the chaos and claustrophobia of the current UK and is already one of the tracks of the year…we totally love it…Listen now! thoughts please…


more info from here


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  1. A perfect line-up and a great tune – thanks for posting this. Any idea of release date/formats/where to buy? Cheers!

  2. Members of Pil, The Pop Group and Killing Joke – what a collection and what a great sound. Hope there’s more to come!

  3. If there was any justice, this would be number one inda hit parade. Marriage made in heaven. Levene, third party. An anthum for the time. Share. Jackdaw with Crowbar because you’re worth it would beg to support you, if you do any gigs.

  4. What’s going on with this? It’s such a wonderful song. One minute it’s on 6 Music and everyone’s raving about it, and now it’s gone. Any updates???

      • Just listened and made my day! empowering lyrics stewart and the guitar was just phenomenal add to Wobble’s intense yet simple bass lines. Thus far my favorite work of Levene + Wobble. Unfortunately great music like this has been taken down everywhere by now on the net and hope anything legal can be sorted out.

    • OK, I had a further fish around after my post of Aug 29 2019.

      One of the places I looked, a previously well known one which has recently started trying to seriously monetise the music videos it hosts, returned a search result which said the video had been removed because of a copyright claim.

      The same fate appears to be occuring to relevant Tweets from jahwobble and from the label that was supposed to be releasing A Very British Coup:
      “This Tweet from @Cadiz_Music has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

      Not sure what this all means.


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