If he wasn’t already busy enough touring the world this year Killing Joke drummer has been working on his powerful and dark side project BPF. New remix and video by Mont Sherar. Original version found on the BPF EP ‘Remote Viewing’ a solo project by Big Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke featuring guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite.


Watch this brilliant new “Montstrosity” remix and video of Big Paul Ferguson’s solo project BPF by former DJ and Killing Joke confidante Mont Sherar!  The track ’The Great Motivator’ from the EP ‘Remote Viewing’ is given a complete rework sonically, and presented in a dreamy, surreal world of groovy dancers, vintage imagery, live footage of Paul and guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, The Mission) and other forms of artistic bliss! A unique standout in a world that has become more and more complacent. Fear does not exist!




Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 23.03.29


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