gun runners

gun runners

Bedfordshire four-piece Gun Runners release blistering new single Brothers, the title track from their debut EP.

While in this day and age there’s a case to be made for it being almost impossible, Bedfordshire four-piece Gun Runners have managed to create a sound that feels both instantly familiar and completely their own. Channelling an array of rock’s sub-genres, the result feels like a lesson in ‘rock music through the ages’ This is something evident across their debut EP Brothers; each track showcasing another of the band’s facets effortlessly. Save Our Souls for instance, is a bluesy almost-ballad, built around spidery guitars and a semi-Southern drawl, while new single Brothers, is another beast entirely.

Three minutes of blistering, staccato guitars and a frenetic bottom end, the track skitters through its jagged verses before erupting in to choruses of anthemic proportions. With elements of classic rock, 80s hair metal and 90s nu metal all making an appearance, one might be forgiven for thinking that ‘Brothers’ would feel erratic or disjointed, and in lesser hands it might have been. In Gun Runners hands however, it’s a face-melting riot of a release that needs to be heard.


More from Gun Runners can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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