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Good News

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Good News


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Will Metcalfe reviews latest track from Alex Rave, Good News.

It’s not even his stage name, and it’s anything but what the song title suggests.

Contrasting with the lazy jingles of debut single Am Off, Rave’s second offering takes a turn for the moodier. A slow but persistent 4/4 beat piques interest, with a chopping guitar melody never far behind. The vocals hit you Doncaster first, with an unsettling pace of delivery of signature spoken word, crossing somewhere between Mike Skinner and Alex Turner. The chorus pays off before in form of a sliming and sludging full band and an engaging dynamic crying whine; it does not disappoint.


Having fronted and contributed to other musical projects, a solo project from Rave feels necessary and timely, with such contribution creating a thirst and sense of purpose which can be tasted within the single. There are wrinkles within the released recordings but are outweighed by the potential to iron them out.

To see the video follow this link to his Facebook page.

Be sure to stay tuned for more releases and gig dates in the near future.


Alex Rave is on Facebook and Spotify

Words by Will Metcalfe

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