Lilly Hiatt

Lilly HiattLilly Hiatt

Cluny, Newcastle

21st April 2018

The wonderful Lilly Hiatt put on a dazzling shown in Newcastle as she proves that she is one of the most underrated artists around!

Her family name is one which commands respect, her father an exquisite songwriter but this is not about him nor shall he be mentioned again. Lilly Hiatt is proving a force to be reckoned with in her own right, the singer songwriter is an undoubtedly huge talent and tonight it really does show! However, opening the show is Elaine Palmer her gritty northern charm has an endearing sentiment behind it delicate love songs forming the basis for this set. Holding the crowd in the palm of her hand she explains the stories behind her tracks as well as cracking the odd joke. It’s a short but well received set, as she suitably warms up this crowd.

Lilly Hiatt takes an altogether different approach though, with a definite excitement about her she takes to the stage with her stripped down band and opens with Young Black Rose, her set takes a short while to get going but once she hits her stride there is no stopping her. Covering every typical singer songwriter base Hiatt covers them in her own distinct style whether it be love, drugs or heartbreak she tackles them with brilliant humility. Her songs filled with passion and endearment with the likes of Imposter and The Night David Bowie Died are undoubted early favourites.

Her talents become increasingly apparent though as this brilliant set continues on, whether it be through her daft stories or her raw unabashed lyrics. The variety of her set also has to be commended this evening as she traverses genres with minimal effort, through Folk, Americana, Country and all whilst dropping in the odd ballad. It’s a set packed with endless hooks particularly on the rousing Three Days with its driving guitars and excitable vocals.

There is something truly refreshing about Lilly Hiatt, as she makes every effort not to make everything about herself as she allows guitarist John Condit to take the limelight for his song Being. You really can not fault any of them on this occasion as they pour every bit of love and passion into this mammoth set. Within all of this she is also quick to cite the brilliance of her contemporaries and pass on helpful recommendations, there is a true overall love for music that infused across the night.

The latter part of her set sees her covering Pearl Jam and The Rolling Stones all adding to this exceptional set, it is rare to see such talents in such an intimate setting. Making a name for yourself in Nashville is incredibly hard but Lilly Hiatt deserves to be known the world over for her talents and tonight she truly showed that.

Lilly Hiatt can be found online here She is also on Facebook and tweets as @LillyHiatt1.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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