Time to get excited folks, there’s more music from the breathtaking brilliant Lightning Bolt on it’s way……

The mighty Rhode Island noise rock duo Lightning Bolt have had quite a productive year so far. First, totally out of the blue they set themselves up this bandcamp page & dumped on it a previously unreleased quite brilliant (in a sort of warped way) 20 minute jam which we could all download for free if we were too tight to splash some cash. Shortly after that, bugger me, they only went and dropped another track of similar, even going so far as to title this one “20” after it’s length.

Capping off the year we now hear the band (Brian on drums / vocals and Brian on bass) will be releasing an EP towards the end of the year titled “Oblivion Hunter” & they’ve released one track off it (to stream only) over on their Soundcloud page.

About Oblivion Hunter the press release says:

Oblivion Hunter is a collection of the band’s epic recording sessions over the last few years. Oblivion Hunter is a real cool time – loose, hard and loopy. From the get-go the sound is amped-up and free with an ear on the railroad tracks to the big
sounds of industry and clamor. Bass sounds jump out of the speaker cones that
conjure up ears in alien propulsion systems, nights in faraway wind tunnels,
and brutal beatings at Gitmo. Drums and assorted FX pop in and out with the
resolve of a finger quivering over the A-bomb button drunk on power and convinced
of your need.

And about this particular track I say “It’s a seriously deranged blast of filth”. By which, of course, I mean to infer it’s bloody brilliant.

The EP’s released on September 25 on Load Records & frankly all of a sudden I can’t wait for this “miserable excuse for a Summer” to be over.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.



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