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On all streaming platforms on November 17th 2021

After the triumph of last year’s Hail Mary EP, LibraLibra tease their upcoming new EP, Modern Millennial with single Candy Mountain.

For those whom it may have passed by, I loved LibraLibra’s Hail Mary EP, released in August last year and reviewed at the time, for its unashamed lipstick-stained brashness and brilliance. It was certainly an EP that let you know they had very much arrived. Now comes the next step of following it up and we can exclusively reveal that they have very much lived up to the task. With the new EP, Modern Millennial recorded and ready for release in March 2022, November sees the release of single Candy Mountain, a delicious taste of what we can expect from the EP.

LibraLibra: Candy Mountain – single review
A sneak peek of the Candy Mountain video looking far from sugary…

Opening with a drum clatter almost ‘presenting’ Beth Cannon’s strident vocal, it doesn’t take long for it to be apparent that Candy Mountain is every bit as full throttle and attention grabbing as anything they have done before. It’s the absolute sugar rush of a record that the title implies, brimming with energy and the kind of chorus they have already proved themselves to be so adept at crafting.

Of course, there’s also that sour fizz kick: the neon sharpness that keeps any saccharine firmly at bay. What Candy Mountain really is, in their own words, is “a full-on revenge song…setting the scene of survivor rage, joining forces with the abused and triumphing over our abusers.” It’s an important yet delicate theme that deserves to be tackled with feminine rage; in LibraLibra’s hands, it is done so perfectly. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear a little of the track and watch a sneak peek of the equally unflinching video here:

Candy Mountain is out officially on 17th November 2021, with two single release parties at The Waiting Room, London on 17.11.21 and The Hope and Ruin, Brighton on 19.11.21.

You can find tickets for both of these shows here.

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