Liars: Nouveau Casino, Paris – live review

Paris, Nouveau Casino, Rue Oberkampf.
7th June.

Hot on the heals of their recently released album WIXIW Liars played a gig in Paris. Louder Than War had one of our reviewers in the audience & what follows is his review.

This gig took place in a sweaty Parisian club. Rather like its home city the Nouveau Casino is pokey, cramped and full of nooks and crannies. Surprising it has good sightlines and clear sound making for an anticipatory atmosphere. ӬӬ

The opening song begins with just singer Angus Andrew and a clicktrack, it is an atmospheric but restrained opening. In fact the two opening numbers are closer to Dark Wave than No Wave. It seems that the new lp WIXIW, produced by Mute’s Daniel Miller, sees the band take a more synthpop move.

Then Angus lets out a yargleing cry and the tempo increases, duel drummers go for it and the singer adds guitar. This is an early highpoint.

By the fourth song the dark tones return, by now we are nearing Goth territory as the singer plays keyboard and the percussion come with an 80’s electronic drum squelch.

It’s only when Sisterworld’s “Scarecrow on a Killer Slant” kicks in with powerful, rhythmic, tribal drumming (and later during the encore) that the crowd begin to bounce.

In general my impression of Liars live is that they could be more ambitious. I was expecting, from their albums, a band with a bigger, more expansive live presence. They’re a good band live, but my feeling is there is greatness within them and I come away slightly frustrated that they don’t achieve it here.

All words and images by Declan IOM.

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