Liam Gallagher’s second favourite punk band after the Pistols is the Damned…When asked today on twitter who his second favourite punk band was after the Sex Pistols, Liam Gallagher replied ‘the Damned’

We are guessing this will be the recently reformed first line up of the band and their classics like New Rose and Neat Neat Neat or maybe one of the later line ups and styles…would be interesting to find out…

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  1. Maybe he should have ripped them off instead of just The Beatles. They might have had a bit more variety in their music.

    • @Shack
      I do! He has very similar principles to John Lydon with honesty being the utmost of them all. Saying it exactly how it is and not giving a toss if you like it, or him….

    • What do you mean who cares what LG thinks. He wasn’t saying anything wrong. I’m 61 and anytime I listen to music, it’s The Sex Pistols, Oasis, and Liam Gallagher solo. I sometimes throw in a little bit of The Jam, Stone Roses, The Damned, Annie Lennox, The Buzzcocks, and some good old Seattle Grunge. Rotten and Liam do have some personality similarities. It’s just that they were in different generations kinda, and where Rotten grew up in England was somewhat different than Manchester. And also Rotten starting out so young in a band already pretty much formed is hard, I would think. But just plain being a musician, especially lead singers is a hard job. But they both will say what they think about things whether people like it or not, they don’t care.

    • Liam Gallagher is a fake musician. Who comes from the era of fake music


      Favourite punk band my ass. Corporate Shill


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