Let’s Wrestle, Tigercats, Omi Palone: London – live review

Let’s Wrestle, Tigercats, Omi Palone
The Lexington, London
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

A triple bill of indie pop rock sits well with Louder Than War’s Willow Colios.

Omi Palone

Always a formidable live outfit, Omi Palone just seem to get better and better, recalling the catchiest and jangliest sounds of New Zealand’s Flying Nun label, Yo La Tengo, Pavement and others. Watch out for them live in 2013 and maybe, just maybe, they will release an album too!

In the meantime check out their Bandcamp page and Facebook page.



I should probably declare an interest here. I have seen Tigercats a few times in 2012 and their debut LP is also one of the finest of the year. But tonight’s show is a little different. Summer is gone and there’s more rawness to the band tonight as Duncan Barret spits out lyrics with real feeling. “This is not our crisis, we are not your collateral, this is a declaration of Independence and it’s unilateral.” He sings on Coffin for Isle of Dogs. An eloquent riposte to the specter of five years-plus of Neo-Thatcherite Osbornomics.

Keyboardist Laura K takes lead vocals on ‘Jonny’ and later on a new song ‘Sleeping in the Backseat’ adding another dimension to the bands sound. Mournful and wistful, it’s another reminder of how deep Tigercats can go,
beyond the bouncy pop of singles like ‘Easter island’ and ‘Full Moon Reggae
Party’ that kick the band into different gears throughout the set. A band of
several musical dimensions, lyrical wit and tenderness. Take a listen
on their website and visit them on Facebook, twitter and Soundcloud.


Let’s Wrestle

A blistering set from Let’s Wrestle finishes things off tonight. It feels
like a hometown gig with an excited gang of lads taking up the first couple of rows. ‘I’m in Love With Destruction’ gets the crowd singing and bouncing and the band start to cut loose. They have the audience in the palm of their hand from this point on. Later, ‘I Won’t Lie To You’ starts a small mosh pit and sounds like the classic single it undoubtedly is. The crowd stomp and bay for an encore and duly get one with ‘I’m in Fighting Mood’ and ‘My Arms Don’t Bend That Way Damn It.”

Let’s Wrestle have great tunes with rough edges and pained lyrics. ‘Tanks’ and ‘Diana’s Hair’ from 2009 Debut ‘In the Court Wrestle Let’s’
get an airing in what is a triumphant live return. Watch out to see if
they can return to similar heights on a new album due next year. Check them out on Facebook, Soundcloud and their Merge Records page.


Words by Willow Colios. More writing by Willow on Louder Than War can be found here.

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