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Let’s Eat Grandma

Norwich Sound and Vision

Oct 2014

Live Review


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Lets Eat Grandma are stunning.


In a new band field of blokes and guitars doing the indie thing it takes two fifteen year old girls to set the standard. The teenage pair are dressed in seventies second hand chic and hide behind mains of long hair and are eccentrically brilliant and original beyond their years and stand out from the surrounding pack with the origonality, stunning songs, captivating vocals and addictive, dark, melancholic drone music.


The duo are so out there you wonder how they got to this palce. Their DIY pop is so weird and wonderfully off kilter that it will be massive within months. They make a cut and paste clatter that is also somehow emotive and eerily strange and also so soaringly beautiful that it is almost impossible to believe that they are still only 15.


Mind you they are already veterans in a  sense, having formed when they were ten.


The packed back room of the Norwich pub tingles with a strange magic as the pair are somehow conjuring up this cordite stuff out of nowhere. They are deceptively lo fi as they struggle to get their piles of junk shop equipment to work but at the last minute it always clicks in and sounds transcendental with these stunning vocals suddenly appearing from behind shy locks of long hair and songs that are so original that you wonder where they are getting their influences from.

An older ear could say its sort of like the mournful drones of Nico or the wilful eccentricity of prime time clanking Tom Waits or the spirit of Beefheart or the sci fi dayglo pop of Bjork or the off the wall genius of kate Bush or the twisted post hip hop of Earl Suave or any pop musician who dares to stalk the weird side.


Not that they sound like any of these, they probally don’t even know who most of these people are but it’s thats spirit and that genius for going beyond. And yet they are only 15 and they are so far ahead of the game and so original that it’s shocking.


Sometimes the greatest gigs are the least expected. To be honest we only went to see Lets Eat Grandma because their name is brilliant but we had no clue what to expect but when we enter the venue we enter their world and it’s a kooky world that can only be dreamt up by two awkwardly super smart mid teen girls with too much talent at the fingertips.


The stage is piled up with gear- xylophones, keyboards, drums, a guitar and even a triangle- it could be messy but they make it work with songs that combine droning, melancholic keyboard lines with stunning soaring vocals that really cut through – sort of like Bork but very much their own. They sound like old heads and belie their youth with their powerful emotional music.


They are thrillingly original and wildly out of the box. Their overreaching is their strength. The worst thing that could happen is that they could get polished up into some kind of Florence And The Machine vaguely indie mush when they are already brilliant on their own terms and their ragged glory is transcendentally the blistering beauty and darkness of their music as it oozes from the junk shop gear and dims the harsh glare of a pub back room and transports you into another world.


They are that good.

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  1. They are simply superb. I am 62 years old and not meant to like this sort of thing but I have not been as impressed with a new band for a very long time. Its quirky, odd and a bit off the wall but it is MAGNIFICENT
    YOU GO GIRLS !!!

    Derek from folkestone


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