Lento: Anxiety Despair Languish – album review
Lento: Anxiety Despair Languish (Denovali)
Out:Oct 26th

Roman instrumental noisecore that both delights and inspires.

Anxiety Despair Languish is the third studio release from Italian post-hardcore peddlers Lento (this follows \’Earthen’ (2007) and \’Icon’ (2011), and their latest live album: \’Live Recording 8.10.11′ (2012)). The frantic energy of their debut is certainly maintained upon this release, but they have also managed to increase the formidable elements of aggression which were hinted at in last year’s \’Icon’ album.

On display in Anxiety Despair Languish is a surprisingly diverse and varied range of influences, from death metal double bass kicks to ambient Explosions in the Sky riffing, all of which seems to have been put together in the most unusual way. What begins as apparent fragmentation soon evolves into the band’s signature sound, and with that becoming their key strength. Its melodies are intentionally sabotaged regularly, resulting in an explosive catharsis.

It’s definitely an album which takes a while to get used to; at first listen it is oblique, impenetrable and fractured. Once the code is cracked, however, there is a plethora of delights on offer.
Taking a fresh slant on a very competitive genre, Lento are definitely ones to watch out for within the coming year.

Their label Denovali are the kings of European metal / post hardcore and have a stunning array of unsung talent including Collapse Under The Empire and Switchblade amongst many others. We strongly recommend that you take a look at their site HERE, for they feature extensive listening archives, collectable vinyl and all sorts of other great stuff. Enjoy.

Lento can be located on their Twitter account HERE, their Facebook HERE and their Blogspot HERE. For their available vinyl catalogue go HERE.
Watch: Anxiety Despair Languish (Trailer)

Lento tour Europe in October to support the release of their album. Dates are as follows.

October, 6th 2012 – Bolzano (IT) – Pippo Stage
October, 7th 2012 – Freiburg (DE) – Hammerlochgut
October, 8th 2012 – Tilburg (NL) – Little Devil
October, 9th 2012 – Brussels (BE) – Magasin4
October, 10th 2012 – Munster (DE) – Baracke
October, 11th 2012 – Hamburg (DE) – Gruner Jager
October, 12th 2012 – Halle (DE) – Reilstrasse 78
October, 13th 2012 – Dresden (DE) – AZ Conni
October, 14th 2012 – Berlin (DE) – Tiefgrund
October, 15th 2012 – Jena (DE) – Wagner cafè
October, 16th 2012 – Leipzig (DE) – Tipi
October, 17th 2012 – Warsaw (PL) – Hydrozagadka
October, 18th 2012 – Brno (CZ) – Boro
October, 19th 2012 – Linz (A) – Kapu
October, 20th 2012 – Prato (IT) – Capanno Blackout
October, 21st 2012 – Roma (IT) – Dalverme

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more of his Louder Than War articles HERE
He writes about movies HERE and has regular, ill-advised outbursts on Twitter HERE

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