Lenny Kaye presents a new book at Rough Trade East in London

Following the release of Lightning Striking, the protopunk legend Lenny Kaye will talk about the book and his approach to writing music history.

Although inevitably associated with the persona of Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye has always had more dimensions than that of a guitarist and musician. A sci-fi fan from an early age, Kaye started collecting relevant fanzines as well as contributing his writing to Jazz & Pop magazine. While studying American history at Rutgers University, he focused on music chronicles and eventually became a music historian. Digging into rarities, Lenny Kaye compiled Nuggets – a mind-blowing collection of garage rock singles that predate the phenomenon of punk rock.

Lenny Kaye contributed to venerable publications such as Fusion, Crawdaddy, Rolling Stone, Melody Maker and Creem. He also edited such periodicals as Rock Scene and Hit Parader in the 1970s. With Lightning Striking, Kaye applies a diligent approach of a sci-fi fan, travelling through pivotal moments in the history of rock music.

The conversation will take place tomorrow, November 23rd, at Rough Trade East, London. The list of all events is available on the official website of Rough Trade.

The tickets for the event can be obtained via Dice.

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