legendary Manchester club The Hangout returns with classic Manc DJ David BoothLegendary Manchester club The Hangout returns with classic Manc DJ David Booth.

The famous club that was one of the key nights that influenced the whole baggy period with it’s eclectic music policy with DJ Dave Booth on the decks introducing a generation to great records that as far ahead of all other non acid house clubs in the city returns…




HANGOUT 2012 – New Club night at DRY LIVE


Remember legendary Madchester club night the Hangout/Isadora’s? Don’t worry if you don’t – it was great, but that was then.


It’s now called HANGOUT 2012. All the old stuff but with new stuff too – and bigger and better.


Every 2nd Friday at DRY LIVE, starting FRIDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER


None of yer run-of-the-mill ‘Indie night’ stuff – the hen party & all-lads-together dos you’d cross the street to avoid. Just maximum rock ‘n’ roll and soul to make you weep with joy. Just like the original Hangout, come to think of it…


Oh yeah, and mind-bending psychedelics from Headlights…


Hangout 2012. Manchester.


DJ DAVE BOOTH – Stone Roses + Original Hangout DJ







From the past 5 decades


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  1. I vaguely remember staggering through Isadoras so drunk, I barely knew my own name but still being blown away by the tunes that were being dropped.


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