Legendary 1 in 12 Club needs urgent help to avoid closureBradford’s famous Anarchist club, the 1 in 12, is facing imminent closure unless people can help to bring it up to fire regulation standards within six weeks.

The club is volunteer run, and has been open since 1981, when it was set up by and for people in Bradford hit by the recession, promoting the local arts scene and making it accessible to all. Over the years it has hosted punk bands from all over the world, as well as being a centre for various political and social projects, in the very city where the Independent Labour Party was founded.

Now the club has just six weeks to meet fire regulations or face closure. With no money to do so, the Club is calling for help from all members and anyone else who is able to lend time and / or expertise, or make a donation to fund the work.

If the club closes, it will be a tragic loss not only to the musical and political history of Bradford and the North, but also to the UK punk scene.

If you think you may be able to help, please see this article from the club’s newsletter which details what needs to be done. People with joinery or electrician skills are particularly needed, but there are plenty of other things you can do.


True to its principles, even in the face of crisis, the Club won’t accept donations through Paypal, saying: ‘During the recent Wikileaks witch-hunt, Paypal were complicit in shutting down their donations account and freezing their funds. They have also been active for many years in shutting down the accounts of other groups fighting for social, environmental and animal rights. For this reason, the members of the 1in12 felt it was inappropriate to use their service (funding them through a commission in the process), as no matter how bad things get with our current crisis, we mustn’t lose sight of the things that make the club what it is.’

Instead, all donations must be made to the Club’s account. Please reference any payments with the word DONATION, to:

The Co-operative Bank
Account Name: 1 in 12 Club
Account Number: 50209194
Sort Code: 08-90-72


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  1. i saw the sex gang children here in the early 80’s…and other post punk / goth-y type bands…ub40 had 1 in 10 us west yorksire cats had the 1 in 12…please donate and help save a wonderful bradford institution…


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