Left Leg: Left Leg Is Life – EP review

coverLeft Leg – Left leg Is Life (Capital A Records)
Cassette / DL
Out Now

Left Leg describe themselves as ‘Sparse Art Punk’. Their second cassette EP recently arrived in the Louder Than War mailbox & we’ve been enjoying what we’ve been hearing off it.

This is a cassette and download only release from Left Leg, a three piece based in London. On Facebook they describe themselves as Weekend Warriors / DIY / Outsiders.  The music is as lo-fi as you can imagine. They play stuttering post new wave / no wave noise based music, mostly for themselves. It’s refreshing that people do this, release a cassette or a cdr and let people get hold of it and then find out more for themselves.

The four tracks here all sound like they were recorded live as the trio play together, any bum notes, mistakes or bad mixes just add to the whole package. The guitars and bass fit together but sound like they are fighting, the drums keep the thing going and the voice is flat atonal in places and strained and harsh in others. It stutters and blasts in places, it is refreshing to find something like this to blast away the cobwebs.


The nearest comparisons are the staccato attack of early Sonic Youth, the monochrome bursts from the early post-punk bands and the feeling of being in control of what you do, a return to the old punk values and mindset.

The music sounds like you are standing next to the band in the back room of a pub somewhere, your feet sticking to the floor and sipping a pint of flat lager. They have eighty likes on Facebook as of this morning, which means that eighty like minded souls are out there listening, why not join them?

Left Leg can be found on bandcamp here. They are also on Facebook & are on Twitter as @left_leg.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.

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