Leeds festival review saturday
more muddy hi jinx!...Leeds festival review

more mud and hi jinx from Leeds

Today festival goers may have had a bout of nostalgia as they played stuck in the mud for real.

Starting the day with Crystal Fighters on the dance stage, the European edgy music welcomed sleepy festival goers gently back to the live music. Their combination of dance music and dirty basslines got the crowd moving and ready for the day. The band were just there to provide people with entertainment, not to shout ”Ëœwe’re here’.

Despite New Found Glory’s hay day being more than a few years ago, the Californian’s are still asked back to perform on the main stage again and again. Jordan’s squeaky American sound echoed around the site, and for long term fans of the band this acted like a beacon, urging them to run to the stage and feel sixteen again. They played a set of greatest hits getting people with the strongest Yorkshire tones to sing along with a faux American accent. The strongest reaction was predictably saved for ”ËœMy friends over you’, which was always guaranteed to please the crowd.

Sticking again to the main stage the Chicago based outspoken rockers Rise Against played a set of fan favourites, the music was perhaps more pleasing for long term fans, but Tim Mcilrath tried to initiate audience participation to engage more music lovers. The lead singer couldn’t keep his grin off his face for some reason and the audience’s reaction just made his smile wider. Like many other acts performing this weekend they stopped to address the riots and played the Clash’s ”ËœWhit Riot’. As the skies opened up (for the millionth time) it was surprising the band didn’t start playing ”ËœDancing for Rain’.

The Offspring had one of the toughest times to woo the crowd; even the most dedicated of fans couldn’t help but devote their attention to the WWE style mud fights erupting around the park.
The juxtaposition of the ska music and muddy covered fighters smashing other challengers to the floor and sliding across the filthy pitch was amazing. The band had no trouble getting people to join in playing songs from all throughout their discography. They managed to please every demographic playing songs from the 90s and noughties, keeping spirits high.

Debating whether Watching 30 Seconds to Mars from a screen in a tent was a good or bad move, was answered when Jared Leto walked out in a white dress. The appearance of the front man was both arrogant and predictable. He walked onto stage in a white dress holding his hands up and like many front men before him, emulating Jesus. It was difficult to pay attention to the music when the stage presence was so striking. The performance only beckoned one question where was Jarvis Cocker when you needed him?

Headliners My Chemical Romance

Leeds festival review saturday
more muddy hi jinx!...Leeds festival review
like other acts on the weekend were suffering from sound issues. It was strange to see as a member of the crowd that the band were living one their dreams, saying over and over how people never thought they could do it.
Lead singer Gerard Way gave his all, but was again drowned out by the band. If you were already a My Chemical Romance fan then the opportunity to sing along was great if you weren’t a fan or familiar with their work it may have been difficult to get into it.
One of the strongest performances by the band was ”ËœHelena’, a song that Gerard Way and bassist and Brother Mikey way had penned about the death of their grandmother. To anyone wasn’t familiar with the story of the song it was just another great performance. But to fans they were watching an extremely intimate moment as half way through the song Gerard went over to Mikey and grabbed his head and sung to him.
They finished the set on their number one song ”ËœWelcome to the Black Parade’, and the sound issues were no longer a problem as all you could hear was the crowd.
After a fun filled Saturday who knows what Sunday will bring, whatever happens I’m sure it will be madness!

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