Led Bib: The People In Your Neighbourhood – album review

Led Bib – The People In Your Neighbourhood (Cuneiform)


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Modern British Jazz Group Led Bib say that they ‘Play music together, lots..’ They released their new album in April and Louder Than War are very impressed

Led Bib have created an album that is as far out there as you can possibly go. Modern British Jazz is right on the cutting edge at the moment and along with the release by Polar Bear last month this record shows just how good the talent is out there right now.

The thing is that this record releases so many changing emotions and thrills over the course of one serving that it is almost impossible for me to express in words quite what the album is like. However, I did say ‘almost’ impossible, so I will lay my humble opinion down for you to take or leave.

Every song changes tempo, feel and pace at least twice. The drums just seem to have a life of their own, they lead this sound making things happen around them. They are not keeping a beat as much as catching a beat, giving it a good kicking and then quietly slumbering as other instruments come over, the saxophone is in turns soothing and low then high and discordant. The fact that both fit perfectly well where they have been placed pretty much sum up why this works so well.


You get the sense that the musicians here know each other so well that the sound is intuitive and flows, they know where to go and I imagine that every time they play these songs they move forward organically and make the music twist and change. I get the feeling that had this album been recorded a day earlier or later the songs would have subtly changed and twisted into different shapes.

An album for sunny days and cold nights, a record to take you away as you listen, an aural event, modern jazz for today.


Led Bib’s website is here. They are also on Facebook and can be found on Twitter as @ledbib.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.


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