Lauren O’Connell to Release New Album

It’s not all loud and punk here at Louder Than War. California-based indie folk type singer Lauren O’Connell is about to release her third album, which includes one of our reviews editor’s favourite songs of 2012 so far. Here’s Lauren’s announcement in full…

The lower half of Lauren's face is, as far as we're aware, perfectly normal

Quitters will be out on March 2nd, and in the meantime you can pre-order it (CD or digital) at If you pre-order a CD, I’ll sign it, and it’ll come with a signed limited edition poster. Because dammit, anybody should get a reward for pre-doing anything.

ALSO, if you pre-order you get an immediate download of one of the new songs, called ”˜I Will Burn You Down’. You can also just listen to it right now at the aforementioned website, which I won’t repeat because I can only tolerate myself saying it so many times in one day.

Live Web Concert on February 7th

Since travel is expensive and most of you don’t live in my front yard (as far as I know), I’m doing a live web concert that you can attend from anywhere with an internet connection and preferably a roof but I guess that’s up to you.

A poster Lauren made herself. Without her name on it.

It’s at 6pm PST on Tuesday February 7th. You should see what that is in your time zone [Ed: this will be 2am for those of us on GMT. Lauren is looking to do another show at a more reasonable hour for us, but you know, if you’re an insomniac…]. I’ve been told that the world does not revolve around California. I’m sceptical, but you should check just in case.

How it works: It’s hosted by You get a ticket to attend (pay what you want). There’s a limited number of tickets, because there’s a chat section and I want to be able to pay attention to all of you. I’ll be taking requests, answering questions and it’ll be fun.

Get tickets at