artworks-000042364878-4pfs64-t500x500Laura Marling will be releasing a new album in May it has just been announced. Details below.

“Once I Was An Eagle” is to be Laura Marling’s fourth studio album. Following the success of “Alas I Cannot Swim”, “I Speak Because I Can” and “A Creature I Don’t Know”, “Once I Was An Eagle” has a whopping 16 tracks & is to be released on 27th May. For the third album in a row, was produced by Ethan Johns.

The new single is named “Where can I Go?” and can be listened to below.

“Where Can I Go?” is a joyous single which flows with trademark Marling on acoustic guitar, and has an organ that the great late Billy Preston would be proud of.

The 23-year old has maturity beyond her years and judging by the sound of her new single, continues to grow from strength to strength. You can see why she has been compared to other great female artists such as Joni Mitchell and why she is so highly respected.

The tracklisting for “Once I Was An Eagle Is Below” is below:-


1. Take The Night Of
2. I Was An Eagle
3. You Know
4. Breathe
5. Master Hunter
6. Little Love Caster
7. Devil’s Resting Place
8. Interlude
9. Undine
10. Where Can I Go?
11. Once
12. Pray For Me
13. When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)
14. Love Be Brave
15. Little Bird
16. Saved These Words

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