Louder_Than_War_LogoThe rumble over Jo Corre’s burning of that (maybe and probably fake) memorabilia has set the media elite alight.


The apparent 5 million quids worth of punk stuff  that went up in flames from a London knicker salesman who has then spoken about the death of punk has bemused a lot of people.

Richard Boon was one of the architects of punk – he would the hate the term but as a key player in the wonderful Buzzcocks, he helped take punk out of the clutches of the high fashion, designer led, inner core and gave it to the rest of the UK via the two key gigs the Sex Pistols played in Manchester and then with the release of Spiral Scratch EP – chronologically the third punk single but more importantly the first DIY punk single – a far more important development that Jo Corre could ever understand.
Richard Boon…

The context of this small statement was that it was made at a Museum of London event – the last gig of Punk.London conceit (Nov 18th).

The  panel were asked to kick off proceedings with a 1 minute response, each in turn, to the question ‘Is London still Punk.’ I read this…

MoL text

‘Is London Still Punk?’ I’ll respond in two ways.

Firstly, no. My reading of ‘punk’ has nothing to do with place, music or fashion. Rather, it’s the Trickster spirit, arising through history to energise people, activate communities and disrupt the norm. To American First Peoples, Coyote; elsewhere, Loki, Monkey, or the great god Pan. Timeless, ageless, endemic in human culture. Not 40 years old, not even 4000. A spirit that, now more than ever, perhaps, we need to invoke.

Secondly, yes. Using the term ‘punk’ from American convict slang, despite itself, London assumes that position. Its clubs; its disenfranchised; its disaffected; its disabled; its homeless; its people struggling to even rent, buy or maintain a home; its fire, police and prison services;   its health services; its child services; its welfare and care services; its education services and – I guess I have to obviously add – its library services are all being        …

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