number 11 : ARGY BARGY: Hopes, Dreams, Lies & Schemes

OHH NO!! It turned into a top 11!! This is by far the youngest album and band on this list but I really can’t do this without the mighty ARGY BARGY!! They are one of the best streetpunk bands around and they deliver some of the best shows live!! Awesome band!!
I cut have chosen any of their 3 albums all of them great stuff! Why this one??? Well I guess it has something to do with the label it´s released on: RANDALE RECORDS………………… same label as LAST SEEN LAUGHING is signed to. Quality releases by quality bands mate ;-) Ha! Ha!

For number 1 in the top 10 street punk/Oi albums please go here

OHH double NO!! It turned out to be a “British only” list!! There´s a hell lot of brilliant and fantastic Oi! and streetpunk bands around the globe and people who know me, know I love the new stuff


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