It was Dobber’s wedding reception. It was some years ago. Dobber had said “bring any music you like” and I approached the DJ with a Jah Wobble 12″. “Is there language on that?” he asked and I looked perplexed. He took this as significant and, with some hostility, refused my request. A bad omen.The reception was a disaster as he plied his trade as stereotypical wedding DJ rather than cater to the people there. “Wind Beneath My Wings”, “Nobody Does It Better” etc all played to a crowd who would have infinitely preferred “Miles Runs The Voodoo Down.”

Last night another DJ ruined my life

Then sprog DJ went for a leak. Someone seized the day and a copy of “The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle”:

“twas on the good ship venus by god you should have seen us the figurehead was a nude in bed sucking a red hot SKRRRRREEEEAAKKKKKK” as the DJ ran hot foot and red-faced into the room and seized the stylus and mic.”I don’t know who did that” he said, “but it WASN’T FUNNY.” Oh but it was. And still is.

Timing, that’s the secret of great comedy.

Colin B Morton

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