Last line up of The Fall announce intention to carry on as new band

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.27.31The recent passing of Mark E Smith left a lot of question marks – one was about the future of the Fall band – the final line up that was the most steady and saw an end to the years of chaos and line up changes that marked Smith’s musical career. The band recorded several really good Fall albums and the swansong last year’s New Facts Emerge is one of our favourite Fall albums of them all so we were hoping the band would continue in some vein.

Razor tight and with a fluidity of their own drummer Keiron Melling, guitarist Pete Greenway who both joined in 2006 and bassist Dave Spurr who joined the same year made their own stamp on the decades-long legacy and we were glad to hear that they intend to continue with the final blessings of their old boss and singer.

Of course they will not be as foolhardy to continue as The Fall or take on any of the former frontman’s glory. They will be starting afresh and further exploring the great chemistry between them and looking for guest vocalists or something more permanent as they find their way. We here at LTW are thrilled by this – they are a great line up and we look forward to see what they come up with in the post Fall period.


We contacted the band and they sent us the following statement.


‘The Fall were always concerned with, above all, writing, recording and performing new material, with that there is NO CHANGE. With Mark’s passing we feel that the name The Fall belongs to Mark, we will not be concerned with Fall songs. The essential dynamic could never be repeated without Mark. So…. NEW BAND, NEW MUSIC, NEW NAME. To be announced soon…’


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  1. There is nothing about this that is right or worthy of celebration.

    • that's not writing, it's typing

      Why can’t they play as a band? They are not playing fall songs or using the name and Smith told them to carry on – if your boss died would you retire? This was a great Fall line up and plenty of potential to interesting stuff under their own steam.

  2. Fair play to them. Maybe they should call themselves

  3. Should obviously call themselves The Rise.

  4. The people moaning about this are the same ones who said Hook, Sumner and Morris should never have carried on in 1980.

    My favourite suggestion for band name so far: “The Eff All”. But I’m sure they’ll go with something that doesn’t refer backwards.

  5. altho im sad MES is dead my drawback to the fall was always his style of singing..there was a lot of engaging lyrics i just cudnt engage with without a song book..maybe that mystery was part of my attraction to them,,..but hear the same great songs/ same musicians with a voice to do them justice? in not even sure MES would object?…personally id love it.

  6. Saw The Fall in Bristol 2017 and TBH MES was a waste of space, just an old piss-head and detracted from a well-tight band performance. Good luck to them.

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