Last Jubilee Punk festival cancelled in controversial circumstances
Last Jubilee Punk festival cancelled in controversial circumstances

Last Jubilee Punk festival cancelled in controversial circumstances

The cancellation of the Last Jubilee punk festival at bath Racecourse 2 days before the event started has caused a lot of anger on the internet.

The 3 day festival, featuring classic punk bands, had many long term watchers feeling nervous about the whole affair but even they were surprised by the last minute cancellation that has left some people out of pocket from travel and hotel bills.

The promoters claim the council pulled the festival, plenty of other people in the last few weeks were nervous about the event, wondering if it would go ahead…it’s hard to get the whole story- there’s lots of rumours but at the moment, the official line is that it looks like the council pulled it.

An official statement on the festival website reads

“The spirit of 1977 has shown it’s ugly side with Bath Council putting a cancellation notice on the Last Jubilee event being held at Bath racecourse 2,3,4 June 2012.
Using spurious health & safety legislation and by delaying their decision until today (31-5-2012) has meant that their ridiculous claims and pathetic demands could not be countered in time for this event to go ahead. The miniscule issues that the venue and the local council had could easily have been dealt with if their notice of cancellation had been delivered in time. They chose to wait until today to do this, giving the organisers no time to put right the minor issues that were raised.
It has become obvious that the venue and the local council did not want this event to go ahead, on what grounds is not clear. One of the ”Ëœconcerns’ they had was that this was a ”ËœPunk’ festival, and the ”Ëœundesirable’ element that this would attract! There is no point even dignifying that with a response, except to say that The Last Jubilee had sold almost as many family tickets as individual adult tickets.”

The organisers had already had one failed festival under their belts – a cancelled Chilli festival at the same site that had been scheduled for the weekend before. The organisers ”ËœJamonit events’ other businesses include being wedding planners and the cancelled ”ËœChill Festival’.

It could well be that the council got a sudden attack of old school punk paranoia and pulled the event. Some cynics wonder if in the current climate and with a whole host of festivals going bust the promoters had the same problem selling tickets. It’s hard to tell what happened here. it’s a shame to lose another festival.

Bath Racecourse issued their own statement about the cancelled event. Fllowing exchange thane from the excellent Black Flag website.

‘This weekend’s Last Jubilee music festival has been cancelled
We regret to inform customers that the three-day music festival that was due to take place at Bath Racecourse from 2nd to 4th June has been cancelled.
The racecourse had agreed to provide the venue for the event, entitled The Last Jubilee. The Last Jubilee was an external event, organised and managed by a company in no way affiliated to the racecourse. Unfortunately, the organisers have failed to fulfil their contractual obligations and the racecourse has taken the difficult decision to withdraw the use of the venue due to breach of contract and health and safety concerns.
The event promised to be an exciting addition to the Bath calendar and it is deeply regrettable that we have had to cancel it at such short notice. We apologise wholeheartedly to those people who will be affected by the cancellation of this event.
The racecourse has not been involved with ticket sales but we will urge the organisers to reimburse ticket holders in full. We advise ticket holders to contact the outlet or agent at which they purchased tickets to discuss refunds.
Bath Racecourse will not compromise on the quality of the events it stages or on the safety of its customers.
Whilst this has been a difficult decision, we believe it was the only responsible option.
*B&NES Council has responded by saying it has not been involved with the cancellation of the event and that it has not expressed any concerns about its nature.
A spokesman added: “The council has spent a significant amount of time with the police and other local stakeholders to help facilitate the event and give it every chance of success.”
The cancellation comes just two-and-a-half weeks after noise issues at a dance music festival at the racecourse, which prompted a number of complaints from local residents.
At the time Jeremy Sellick, from Jamonit Events, said he was confident that the punk festival would not cause any problems for people living near the venue and that he was working with the council and the racecourse to reassure them that excessive noise would not be an issue.
A spokeswoman for the racecourse has said they are not involved with ticket sales and anyone who needs to find out about refunds should contact the outlet or agency they bought from.
The statement said: “Bath Racecourse will not compromise on the quality of the events it stages or on the safety of its customers.
“Whilst this has been a difficult decision, we believe it was the only responsible option.”
Nick says “The promoters are employing the old ”ËœWho’s fault is it’ game to keep you guessing. A lot of you will side with the promoters and blame the council but ask yourself these questions, where were the terms and conditions that had been asked for on many occasions, on the promoters website. Jeremy Sellick (promoter) had stated that terms and conditions would be published, they were not! I entered into an email exchange with Katie (promoter) and asked her some in depth probing questions regarding important issues that she found difficult to answer and I was referred to Jeremey. ”

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  1. Claim and counterclaim criss-crossing the internet.

    Mates investigating the organizers’ backstory but drawing little other than mud to mash into the mix.

    What a disappointment, part of me says we’ll never know the whole truth, rather a jigsaw with a bunch of missing pieces and some from other puzzles chucked-in for good measure.

    I hope some of these bands have managed to fit alternative appearances in and that fans’ money-back promises are being honoured.

    I’m naturally a glass half-full person, please don’t let down the good people of this fantastic community known as punk rock.


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