Laibach ‘An Introduction To… Laibach Reproduction Prohibited’ – album & tour

An Introduction To”¦ Laibach Reproduction Prohibited

Laibach announce forthcoming album…

Laibach release ‘An Introduction To”¦ Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited’ on 3 September 2012. The album release follows their recent Iron Sky OST release, the Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde show at the Tate Modern and coincides with a series of European dates (details below)

Opening with their interpretation of Mute’s first release, The Normal’s Warm Leatherette (here translated as Warme Lederhaut, Laibach premiered the track at the Short Circuit presents Mute festival, Roundhouse in May 2011), the tracklisting demonstrates Laibach’s unique take on the cover version.

From the sublime, Laibach’s interpretation on The Beatles Across The Universe would melt even the toughest of hearts, to their bombastic cover of Europe’s Final Countdown, this is a window into Laibach’s own view of pop music, and to the humour that permeates their work.

Reproduction Prohibited features two tracks from Volk (2006), Laibach’s album of reinterpretations of national anthems which uncovers the violence and the pop intrinsic in the national anthem, surely the ultimate pop song. Here Germania reinterprets Das Lied der Deutschen, originally written in 1797 and used after World War I as the national anthem of the German Empire at the time of the Weimar Republic, while Anglia uses John Bull’s God Save The Queen as its inspiration.

Mama Leone, perhaps not familiar to many in its original version, sold over 20 million copies when it itself was covered by Bino in the late 70s. B Maschina, written and performed by popular Slovenian rock group Siddharta, who asked Laibach to remix or remake their song, was originally released on 2003’s WAT. An additionally remixed version is also featured in the soundtrack to IRON SKY (directed by Timo Vuorensola), a dark science fiction comedy about Nazis invading earth in 2018, after escaping to the Dark Side of the Moon in 1945.

Pop references itself when Laibach take on Juno Reactor’s God Is God, which was itself influenced by Laibach’s cover of Austrian group Opus’ Live Is Life, included here in English ”˜symphonic’ version (titled Opus Dei), and in German version, translated as Leben Heisst Leben. Laibach’s version of God is God was also released before Juno Reactor’s released their own, so many people still believe that Laibach’s version is the original one and Juno’s version a cover.

Elsewhere on the album, Laibach tackle The Beatles and Queen. Taken from Laibach’s album Let It Be, Across The Universe and Get Back both feature, and Queen’s hit song One Vision is here translated into a German Geburt Einer Nation (The Birth of the Nation). The choice of a language, title as well as the genre of interpretation here all reveal themselves as powerful instruments!

08.09 – Slovakia, Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
09.09 – Austria, Vienna, Arena
10.09 – Germany, Munich, Backstage
11.09 – Germany, Frankfurt, Batschkapp
14.09 – Sweden, Stockholm, Nalen
15.09 – Denmark, Copenhagen, National Gallery
16.09 – Netherlands, Tilburg, Incubate
17.09 – Belgium, Oudenaarde, Qubus
18.09 – Germany, Bochum , Matrix
19.09 – Germany, Berlin, Berghain
20.09 – Poland, Wroclaw, Eter
21.09 – Germany, Leipzig, Schauspielhaus
18.10 – Austria, Graz, Helmust List Halle


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