Lady-GaGa maks 20 million on Twitter
Saving up for hair dye? Lady-GaGa maks 20 million on Twitter

Lady Gaga earns 20 million quid a year from Twitter

Lady Gaga, the famous pop star, who wears her undies on stage and sports expensive looking pantomime costumes earns a frigging fortune from her use of Twitter.
Not because she owns a share in it but because she has a strong relationship with her fans responding to rumours and talk about her. This may look very friendly but it’s also good business with her bonded fans being more likely to buy her stuff.

It’s a modern pop star engagement with fans, give away everything and yet nothing and has been important in her building up the world’s biggest Twitter following being the first person to hit 20 million followers on Twitter amongst such unlikely fellow top ten Twitters as…

2. Katy Perry 16 million
3. Shakira 15 million
4. Rihanna 15 milliion.

These are the people the world wants to follow on Twitter.

Lady Gaga has more people following her on Twitter than live in a small country…might go and follow and her and see what she is talking about…


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