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It’s a great idea – there is so much money swirling around in football and all of it at the top. A few people making lots of money. It’s like the Donald Trump vision of the world. But does it have to be like this?

What should we assume that all the money can be siphoned off by a fortunate few? Labour are prosing taking a small per cent of profit from the top and putting it back into the grass roots – pay for facilities and encourage more people into sport.

The Labour manifesto commits to ensuring the Premier League upholds a promise to put 5% of its television rights income into grassroots football.

Would this work in music as well?

The great work of people like the Music Venue Trust has highlighted the struggles of many small venues and promoters who are providing the future music. The people who have made it to the top sometimes give it back but it would be great if they all did – help their fellow musicians out, help out the grass roots that birthed them all…



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