Kyle Bobby Dunn From Here To Eternity

Kyle Bobby Dunn From Here To EternityKyle Bobby Dunn

From Here To Eternity

Past Inside the Present

Released: 3rd May 2019

Available on digital, CD and Limited Edition 4x LP Set

From Here To Eternity will break your heart slowly and exquisitely as Kyle Bobby Dunn’s drone meditations crack open the world, his needle running through the groove of contemporary existence like paint from the brush of Caspar David Friedrich, finding the fault lines and splintering the cracks between the ice.  

A sustained, shimmering moment of realisation is gradually eclipsed by something with a far larger gravitational field in Preludium Aeterna. Kyle Bobby Dunn deals in soundscapes that are cosmological in scale. Here, our tiny fragile craft is dwarfed by the presence of a gigantic planet obliterating anything else from our field of view as we draw closer towards its exotic atmosphere. We surrender to its edifying orbit, bathing in the blue light, imagining the civilisations below the clouds. The surface of this world is beautiful, hypnotic… and underscored with foreboding and irrefutable dread.  Hope is often purest and most innocent at the start of a journey. 

But this is no ordinary journey. This is From Here to Eternity and the journey is inward as well as outward. We ascend the Infinite Escalators, their chimes rising, intensifying through the static. We crane our necks and strain our ears, sifting through the signals. We want meaning. We want to know. We want so much more than the stars themselves. 

“Rotation speed makes a triple axel”. At Crémazie we spin, spin, spin. We spin through suicides, stabbings and pile-ups in Crémazie. “You need to spin: fast.” To land, that is, to touch down. To balance. The ice is slick and fast. All you can do is spin. Spin and hope to land. Timing is everything. In one revolution I am Tonya Harding, in another I step in front of the subway train, in another I order a coffee and take a call. 

At the end of the track, insulated by the headphones, I hear my own heart beating. Residual percussion. The track between all tracks. I remove my headphones. I don’t hear it-

Assuming I’m alive, my body is in Montreal.  I am spinning through Crémazie, I am wandering in the dawn along Boul. Gouin and gazing out across the Riviere des Prairies to Laval beyond.  Detached from everything, or maybe suffused with everything until where I end and the rest of it all begins is impossible to tell.  Somehow it’s all the same.  Assuming I’m alive, my head bows amidst the beauty, drops amidst the despair.  Somehow, in 2019, it’s all the same.  

Listening to From Here To Eternity, assuming I’m alive, I am piloting the craft at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001.  “But this is no ordinary journey”.  Velocity is gained and I am beyond velocity.  The start, the end, the journey – all are contained within the same moment of shimmering guitar drone stretch work.  Kyle Bobby Dunn is the pilot.  Remote control.  This moment: elastic, enlarging, enclosing eighteen tracks over almost three hours but a lifetime, an epoch, stunned, slowed-down, velocity zero.  This is an articulation of a moment that includes all of us.

When Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was performed, the auditorium was trashed and the audience rioted.  Kyle Bobby Dunn has created a magnum opus, and forevermore someone, somewhere will be listening, From Here To Eternity.  Instead of fleeing the auditorium, this is music that calls for us to gravitate towards it… spinning, spinning, spinning…

You can find Kyle Bobby Dunn and his oeuvre at Bandcamp.

You can also find Kyle Bobby Dunn on Twitter and Facebook.

All words by Lee Ashworth. More writing by Lee Ashworth can be found at his author’s archive. Lee Ashworth is also on twitter as @Lee_Ashworth_ and has a website here.  He is one half of The Manchester Art Authority.






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