Korn: The Paradigm Shift – album review

Korn: The Paradigm Shift (Caroline Records)
Out Now

Nu Metal pioneers Korn have a new album out and Lisa Lunney checks it out for Louder Than War.

The sound of Korn is constantly evolving, yet still staying true to their roots. Their sound is unique, within seconds of a track you can instantly identify, “wow, this is Korn.” It is great that a band is able to create such a unique and distinct sound.

Their music is cathartic. Music that can cater to both your euphoric and manic stages of life. It’s music you can listen to, to intensify your sadness and music to vibe to when you’re feeling good.

Music that speaks and sends a message to the listener. There is always a place in the world for the freaks, the outcasts, the punks – the misfits of the world. Whether you seek isolation or strive to fit the mold – Korn produces a sound you can relate to.

It was exciting news for music when the new album was announced. It is a flawless collection of music. A great entry into the already fantastic catalogue of Korn music.


Korn slay with killer lyrics paired with wicked use of instruments. Korn are true rockstars. No matter how much time has passed, they are true to the music. A band that is in the industry solely for the love of creating music. It is really hard to pick out the best tracks because each has something different, and equally awesome to offer. However, if you want to listen to a few tracks before diving into the entire album: Prey For Me, Mass Hysteria and Lullaby For A Sadist are enthralling. Very cool feature of the writing sessions. Excellent album.


Korn can be found at their website and on Facebook and Twitter.

All words by Lisa Lunney. More work by Lisa on Louder Than War can be found here.

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